Don’t neglect the champagne


Parent win!

It is so easy in this parenting business to only focus on our failures (or perceived failures). I know I can spend a lot of time agonizing over the times I’ve lost my patience with Little V or let him watch another Thomas the Train episode because I wanted to enjoy a cup of coffee in peace. But for as much time as we spend criticizing our parenting, I don’t think we don’t spend nearly enough time popping the champs to celebrate the wins.

This weekend J and I had a big parenting win: Little V has officially transitioned from crib to bed. It all started on Friday when I picked Little V up from him grandmother’s house and she casually mentioned that he’d crawled out of his crib during nap time (no injuries were sustained). On the drive home, I rationalized to myself that it might be time to make the move, even though he’s only a year and a half, since he’s also outgrowing his mini crib.

I did feel a sense of dread. I’ve heard horror stories of parents getting up 50 times to put their wayward toddlers back into bed for nights on end. Little V’s “room” is also a very small space. Technically, it’s the hallway between our bedroom and bathroom with a safety gate to block the stairs. So I was pretty sure we wouldn’t be able to find a toddler bed that would fit in place of his 38″ mini crib. I did a little searching for inspiration and stumbled upon this adorable, cozy IKEA-inspired floor bed. So Little V and I braved IKEA together on a Saturday afternoon (which WAS as insane as it sounds). And we not only finished Christmas shopping (here’s what our lucky little guy will come downstairs to on Christmas morning!) but also arrived home with all the ingredients for a cozy floor bed of his very own:

VYSSA SLOA Expandable mattress

MYSA STRA comforter, size Twin

LEN fitted sheet, blue

LJUDLIG Duvet cover and pillowcase(s), size Twin

While he napped downstairs in the Pack N Play, I moved his crib into our room and lovingly set up his new bed. I gave him a little time in the afternoon to crawl around on it, then promptly at 7:30: PJs, milk, bed, and lights out. Blissfully, miraculously, he was out in 10 minutes.

Honestly, I don’t even know if this WAS a parenting win- with a different kid, or on a different day, it just as easily could have been a disaster. All we REALLY did was purchase and set up a cute comforter and mattress. But that’s not the point. We should celebrate because we are doing the best we can and we just saw our little man through another milestone. And something that parents don’t say nearly often enough: we are doing a good job. (HEY PARENTS! YOU ARE DOING A GOOD JOB.) So we clinked our glasses… with shit-eating grins on our faces.

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