A new kind of nesting.

A new kind of nesting.

At 37 weeks pregnant, I can see the finish line! Last night I dreamed that I gave birth on the tiled floor in our entryway. I just pulled that baby right out myself and laid him on my chest while J rushed around getting ready to go to the hospital. I say, the positive thinking that hypnobirthing has given me! I usually have worst-case scenario dreams about everything, but I’ve yet to have one about labor or birthing. 

And the nesting. It is happening. I’ve heard stories of full-term ladies getting on hands and knees to clean their kitchen floor with a toothbrush or organizing baby socks by color. I’m doing the equivalent of this for sure- but only at work. I’ve cleaned/organized my desk, am currently cleaning and organizing the lab’s -20 freezer, and happily creating the most elaborate spreadsheets for my bacterial strains, plasmids, and what-have-you. I’ve had (almost) limitless energy the last couple days at work. It’s just so funny that our house, where the baby and I will actually spend the next 3 months, is pretty much a disaster and I have no motivation to change that. Does this mean labor is near? I’ve read the nesting urge increases towards the end. Either way, I am being super productive at work, so bring it on!




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